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Global Book Town

Independent booksellers who enjoy books and reading as much as you do....Look for that special book here, or search (NEW!) each of our stores for the exact book you want. Used books from dependable online bookstores!

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Privacy Statement:

We respect your privacy in every way. We do not collect information about site visitors. We do not "spam." We do not plant "cookies" on your computer. The sites listed on Global Book Town are also committed to your privacy, and we invite you to look at their privacy policies as well.

History of Global Book Town:

Global Book Town was created as a cooperative project in late 2002. Its founders were a small group of like-minded booksellers with on-line stores. Some continue to function as a volunteer steering committee, guiding the growth of Global Book Town. We offer a directory of independent on-line bookstores that share our original vision.

And we've grown! This growth has been exciting. We started with a handful of sites. At present writing, we number over 70.

Commitment to Customer Service

Anyone who has much experience in the world of the independent internet bookstore knows that purchasing on the internet can be a gamble. Therefore, one of the strict criteria we set for stores listed on Global Book Town is a firm commitment to customer service. We want shoppers to know that Global Book Town is a community of dedicated small businesspeople who are professionals in the field of selling used books. Unlike some sites with tens of thousands of "sellers" advertising their books, Global Book Town has selected booksellers we believe you can trust.

The website was managed by Cat's Cradle Books in High Point, North Carolina, a Global Book Town founder. It is now managed by Compassive LLC of Oklahoma City.

updated 5 June 2010
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